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  • Sign the Letter

    Sign the Letter

    Sign the letter to President Obama urging him to take action to end Shariah’s war on women. The letter will be delivered to the White House before the election in November, so that people from across America have  a chance to participate. To sign, add your name to the End the Shariah War on Women…

  • Rally Signs

    Rally Signs

    Printable Posters Spread the message on the Shariah War on Women with these pre-made poster templates. These templates are in a 3:2 ratio length by width (e.g., 36” x 24”). Or create your own posters with slogans that are brief, simple, and powerful. Poster-sized prints are relatively inexpensive and often discounted in bulk. The following…

  • Flyers


    In 2011, the Center for Security Policy assembled a 2 page flyer that succinctly explains the differences between the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution and Shariah. ‘A Guide to Shariah Law vs. the Constitution‘ is available as a downloadable PDF file. The text is provided below. A Guide to Shariah Law vs. the Constitution…